It’s the biggest day of the year for the cannabis inclined of Los Angeles, the greatest weed city of them all! We’ve got the deals and drops you’ll need to be rolling up proper or look like you really love weed!

Last year the holiday wasn’t quite as popping since everyone had just spent a month in the house smoking weed according to the folks at SpringBig, who facilitate the customer rewards program for a ton of dispensaries across the nation. 

According to their data, 2019 saw a 200% increase in average sales on 4/20, but last year during the pandemic it was down to 50%. In Nevada, they saw no bump in sales while new markets in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Washington, DC saw a 15% decrease in 4/20 sales during 2020 because of the pandemic. 

But that’s all behind us now! All around town, dispensaries have spent weeks getting deals and elite flower ready for the holiday. Here is a selection of our favorites – but be sure to check with your lock dispensary! There is certainly a reason the lines are so long today, but it’s easier than ever to get a lot of deals delivered.

Here are some of our favorites this year. 


Both Greenwolf locations will be running 20% off the entire shop! A fantastic starter, but in addition to that, you can get special deals with the purchase of a ton of different products including Loudpack, Cali Kush Farms, Ember Valley and Space Gem. 


The Jungle Boys

In addition to a bunch of crazy weed deals, The Jungle Boys are doing a clothing drop. Their new collaboration with Moodmats will also be available instore. The Jungle Boy sent us a list of 22 strains they are releasing for the holiday. This includes the Frosted Gelato we featured on “The Most Exciting Cannabis of 4/20 2021.”



Firehaus generally has a lot of good deals on a daily basis. They’ll be adding in some gift bags to spice things up for the holiday. The gift bags are valued at $100 but you only need to spend $50 to get your hands on one. That should be no problem as you stock up on their bulk deals! 


Green Dragon 

North Hollywood’s Keepers of The Heat have a bunch of great deals lined for the holiday including 15% off all Green Dragon products besides clones. You should probably grab a few plants anyway from the holiday clone drop. Green Dragon is one of the best places in town to get your genetics setup for your backyard effort this year. They’ll have a bunch of BOGO deals for a penny too.



In addition to the Doggy Bag launch with Snoop Dogg, Cookies has a ton of drops going down all over the state for the holiday. Check with your local shop to see what exactly is popping off. From Maywood to Oakland, there sure looks to be plenty of heat to go around. 


Flower Company

The 4/20 menu at Flower Company is running all month long and features some of the craziest holiday weed deals you’ll see anywhere in California, indulging Minntz flowers for the stupid low price of $41 and a bunch of wild concentrate deals. A must peek menu. 


Higher Celebrations x Tommy Chong x DK’s Donuts

Higher Celebrations created the birthday candle-inspired Birthjays, and they teamed up with Chong and DK’s Donuts for a great cause. DK’s Donuts is giving away a dozen 4/20 exclusive cannabis-themed donuts with a five-pack of Birthjays.

“For an entire year, starting on April 20, 2021, all consumers within the delivery range of DK’s Donuts in Los Angeles can have a unique 4/20 celebration delivered by ordering 420 custom donuts online at During these dates, while supplies last, donut lovers can use the code ‘LIT’ to get a free Birthjay and a 10 percent discount on donuts,” the trio noted.

Ten percent of the proceeds made on these specialty donuts are going to the Cal Asian Foundation, a nonprofit aiming to enable workforce and economic development for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community across the state of California.



Weedmaps, in partnership with Diamond Supply Co, Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang, is dropping a limited-edition 4/20 capsule collection featuring apparel items and accessories. The capsule will be available for purchase starting on 4/20 from, at the LA Diamond Supply clothing store, as well as a number of Diamond Supply authorized retailers. 


Grassroots California 

Some of our favorite heady caps come from the team over at Grassroots California. You’ll be able to score 42% of the lineup of hats on April 20 and 21 by using the code “420fam”.


Your Local Shop

This list is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many deals and steals, get out there and load up with enough weed to finish off the pandemic and we’ll see you at the beach this summer. 


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