This could maybe explain Osama Bin Laden's pipe dreams of taking down the might United States:

Turns out there was a marijuana garden growing next to his compound in Pakistan.

CNN's Nic Robertson (via Huffington Post) came across it while touring the residential grounds with his camera crew.

What gives?

Could just be a neighbor's freelance grow. But there has been some conjecture that maybe bin Laden needed to toke because he had suffered from kidney failure.

In any case, if it was some of that strong, Michael Phelps shit, it could explain why the terrorist had delusions of grandeur. (Or is that cocaine that gives you a big head and makes you talk too much?).

Jeez, was bin Laden just the terrorist version of the stoned surfer at the party who really wants you to know about how he tore up all these secret spots south of Ensenada last summer and then almost got busted by the federales on the way back? (Snore).

CBS News is reporting that Los Angeles was on a short list of cities Osama wanted to attack, according to leaked info that agents gathered from the compound.

Wouldn't be ironic: He wanted to harm the original land of legal medical marijuana?

(Well, to be fair, the Middle East is the birthplace of marijuana, but you get what we're saying).

It's a strange scene, that terrorism. A guy like bin Laden was raised with the kind of wealth and resources that were made possible by American-style capitalism (and, in a way, Western cash), and he might have even smoked dope, all Golden State-like, but still, he hated us to the core.

Let us guess, he was an indica guy. Right?

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