Now that sugar has been declared Public Enemy Number One, perhaps we should have been more cautious about trying out two new Oreo flavors: cookie dough and marshmallow crispy. We could lie and say we just scarfed down one of each, purely for the purposes of scientific evaluation. That, of course, is ridiculous, because it's a well-known fact that it's impossible to eat only one Oreo. (Last year, faculty and students at Connecticut College did a study and discovered that rats find the sandwich cookie as addictive as cocaine.)

With both new varieties, which were introduced nationally on Feb. 3, the flavor is most pronounced when you remove a cookie layer and focus on the filling. (A fun fact sent by the company: Half of all Oreo eaters pull apart the cookie, with women especially apt to do this. But back to that taste test.)
The Oreo lab crew pretty much nailed the essence of crisped-rice-cereal treats. And the cookie dough did kind of take us back to those carefree days of childhood when we licked out the chocolate chip batter bowl. The new cookies were tempting enough that when we finished trying them out, we encased them in plastic and hid them away in the freezer.

A cookie caveat: If you really want to enjoy an Oreo, it's best not to focus on the ingredients, which include things like high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, and artificial color.

Both flavors are “limited edition” – meaning they're around only while supplies last. In Los Angeles, limited also means they're hard to find. We tried a bunch of grocery stores and came up empty-handed. Finally, we scored two packages at Target, where they were in a special display at the end of the cookie aisle.

If you can't find any, don't despair. An Oreo spokesperson told us that sometimes a limited edition cookie is so popular it becomes a permanent fixture in the lineup. That happened recently with the birthday cake flavors and with lemon.

In addition to the two new limited editions, right now there are nine varieties of Oreos in stores: six chocolate (original, mint, chocolate, berry, birthday cake and peanut butter) and three golden (lemon, chocolate and another birthday cake.)

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