Because surely you could use a horchata frappe on a warm winter day: Tierra Mia Coffee, the specalty coffee shop and roastery that started in South Gate, is expanding into Echo Park. It will take over Echo Lake Coffee Company's space, so if driving up Alvarado towards the 2 freeway and/or Taco Zone is part of your commute, you can look forward to a new caffeine pit stop in the very near future.

This will be Tierra Mia's second cafe in L.A. proper; the first opened in Downtown just seven months ago.

Echo Park “is a community in L.A. that really appreciates high quality, good tasting coffee, and I think we will be a great fit,” owner Ulysses Romero tells us via e-mail, adding that he hopes to open as soon as a few weeks. The exact date is up in the air though, owing to the vicissitudes of everything related to opening a new coffee shop — remodeling the existing space, waiting for equipment to arrive and so on.

When the cafe does open, you'll find specialty coffee drinks similar to those at Tierra Mia's other locations: That horchata frappe, say, plus a great cubano con leche and a choice selection of brewed coffee every day.

As if gearing up to open this location isn't enough work, Romero says he's finalizing the lease on one more store — not in L.A. this time, but in San Francisco. Because whether it's a warm winter day or cold, foggy one, we all probably could use a horchata frappe.

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