Ah, the good life of a smash-and-grab robber in Hollywood!

LAPD detectives say they caught convicted thief Sean Ray, who lives a short trip down the 101, cruising up on various cars in the Hollywood area — punching their passenger-side windows out and snatching whichever electronics he could find inside.

But Ray's own ride gave his victims' a run for their money:

In a surveillance video reviewed by the community, Ray was seen entering a certain “luxury sedan” after smashing and grabbing, according to an LAPD report. And more specifically, the Los Angeles Times reports that “the burglar would regularly rent high-end luxury cars and drive them through upscale areas,” including “a Mercedes convertible.”

What a perfect juxtaposition of Hollywood glamor to Hollywood grime, no? And with the glittering, Cave of Wonder-worthy loot this guy was allegedly raking in, we're not surprised the career criminalism went to his head:

$24,000 in US currency

Laptop computers

iPad and tablet devices

Cameras (ninety high-end and consumer-grade cameras) and camera equipment

Video cameras

Jewelry, watches

LAPD media relations takes a moment to thank residents near Seward and Willoughby, where many of the alleged crimes occurred, for keeping a keen eye out for Ray. Guess the crowbar kind of gave him away:

Detectives notified local residents of the crimes and showed them the video of the possible suspect. The tactic paid off when an alert community member was in the area where several burglaries from motor vehicles had occurred and saw a man that looked like the same person seen in the video. As the citizen watched the suspect, later identified as Sean Ray, he saw Ray walk up to a Porsche with a crowbar in his hands. After a short time, Ray returned to his own car, a late-model luxury sedan, identical to the one the suspect was seen entering on the video.

So what have we learned today, Hollywood?

Maybe… don't leave your expensive video cameras/iPads/laptops in plain view in your passenger's seat? You never know which cocky neighborhood jerk in a Benz convertible is true Hollywood, and which is just cruising through to profit off the ditziness of the rich.

Or, if it's too late and you think you may have been one of Ray's targets, give LAPD Officer Michael Klee a call at (213) 972-2947.

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