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In 2020 alone, Canadian dispensaries across Canada raked in 2.6 billion in sales – a staggering increase of almost 120% compared to 2019 and 2018 – the year cannabis was legalized throughout Canada.

Even with the pandemic, this year is shaping up to be an even more profitable year for Canadian weed dispensaries considering that the Canadian government designated dispensaries that sell marijuana as essential services.

This means that throughout the pandemic, Canadians have been able to purchase marijuana via cannabis shops such as Canna Cabana to help with their medical conditions, relieve the stresses related to the pandemic, and provide a recreational outlet for those that enjoy the psychoactive effects that quality cannabis offers.

Even with administering vaccines to many of Canada’s citizens, the government still mandates social distancing policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Because of these policies, many dispensaries have been able to sell their cannabis online for pick up or delivery to citizens who might not have access to a dispensary in their area during the current state of emergency.

Who can buy weed online in Canada?

Much like its southern neighbor, the United States, Canada is split into several provinces governed by different laws regarding the purchase of marijuana.

While the possession and sale of up to 30 grams of cannabis for personal use is legal in Canada, not all provinces and territories have the same age minimums to make a purchase.

For example, residents of Alberta must be at least 19 years old to purchase or possess cannabis in the province. However, in Quebec, cannabis purchases can only be made by those who are at least 21 years of age. In all other provinces in the country, the minimum age for purchasing cannabis products is 18.

Currently, there are no restrictions related to residence on who can purchase cannabis in Canada; tourists, business travelers, or other foreigners that enter the country can buy and possess up to 30 grams of cannabis provided they meet the age minimum in the province or territory of purchase.

What is the best online dispensary to buy cannabis in Canada?

While dispensaries all carry cannabis products for medical and recreational use, they don’t all carry the same strains. In fact, no two cannabis dispensaries are really alike due to the varying strains offered (sativa strains, indica strains, hybrid strains) and the difference in quality between dispensaries.

Some dispensaries may carry only lower-quality products, whereas others may specialize in high-end, high-quality cannabis and concentrates for customers that spare no expense on their weed and weed-related products.

What is the best online dispensary to buy weed in Canada? We recommend Canna Cabana for their great prices and massive selection.

Buy Weed Online at Canna Cabana – Canada’s #1 Dispensary

For those trying to save money and purchase top-shelf strains (Gelato, Sour Diesel, Death Bubba, Forbidden Fruit, etc) for an affordable price, the best bet will be Canna Cabana – the leading cannabis store and dispensary in Canada.

This cannabis dispensary for medical and recreational cannabis users in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan offers a variety of kush, flowers, CBD oil tinctures, gummies, hash, live resin and THC concentrates at the lowest prices. With the best quality legal weed at the best prices, and helpful customer support at all 100+ store locations, Canna Cabana is highly recommended for the #1 cannabis experience in Canada.

With new products being regularly added to their inventory, customers don’t have to worry about tiring the same old high. Canna Cabana even offers a free membership program to ensure customers receive a significant discount every time they shop for their weed online, making purchases for new products and cannabis strains even more affordable.

Placing an order online is pretty easy. Simply start by entering your date of birth to confirm you are of legal age to purchase cannabis in the province and begin browsing their easy-to-navigate online order form. You’ll only be able to buy 30 grams at a time, so once you hit your limit or have finished shopping, head over to their checkout to make your payment and set your curbside pick-up time. If it’s your first order or if you’re unsure which products to choose, simply get in touch with the friendly staff for help.

For Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan residents, Canna Cabana offers delivery services with their marijuana products for those unable to drive out to the dispensary for curbside pickup.

Buy Weed Online at Canna Cabana – Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Where can you smoke cannabis in Canada?

Much like its age requirements for purchasing weed and cannabis products, the rules for where smokers can toke up and the legalization policies differ from province to province.

In Canada, smoking cannabis in or on your residential property is legal, provided that your landlord doesn’t have any rules about smoking indoors.

In provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, smoking marijuana is legal in any place where you can also smoke cigarettes. While this effectively rules out public indoor spaces such as bars, restaurants, casinos, and hotels, it does mean that designated areas for cigarette smokers are considered legal places to smoke cannabis.

In Halifax, the provincial capital of Nova Scotia, the city has designated 84 cannabis-friendly smoking zones around the city to make it easier for smokers to find a place to light up when out and about.

Consuming cannabis products in vehicles is considered illegal in all provinces and can be subject to fines from police or other law enforcement agencies.

How to buy weed from a cannabis store in Canada?

Buying weed from a cannabis store is pretty simple in Canada. The marijuana dispensary you choose should be located in your area, as dispensaries don’t ship weed through postal services or mail order marijuana. 

  • In-Store Shopping

For places without strict social distancing mandates or that haven’t shut down businesses to contain the spread of COVID-19, buying weed from a cannabis store is easy. Simply find your local cannabis retailer online and head on in.

Stores will offer different products for recreational cannabis users and medical patients. They often have menus or knowledgeable budtenders to help you choose if you are unfamiliar with marijuana’s many strains and forms, such as Sativa, Indica, concentrate, or edible.

  • Order Online Weed

Avoiding going into shops due to social distancing mandates or not wanting to deal with other people while you are high? Then shopping with an online marijuana dispensary may be the answer.

Canadians can buy high-grade marijuana and select options for medical or recreational use through several online dispensaries that offer different strains, edibles, soft chews, concentrates, distillates, moon rocks and other cannabis accessories for purchase. 

We recommend Canna Cabana for buying legal cannabis online (for pickup at your nearest local dispensary).

Customers can browse the dispensary’s current inventory online, select their favorite items, make a payment, and set their preference for curbside pickup or fast shipping (when available).

Just like shopping in-store, an online order allows cannabis users to purchase the highest quality pre-rolls, marijuana strains, THC topicals, vape products, terpenes, CBD products, vape pens, and much more.

Order Weed Online In Canada Legally

While regulation related to buying medical marijuana and cannabis plant products in Canada differs depending on the province, no matter where you are in Canada, there is a way to buy good quality weed in the country legally. 

Of course, cannabis users must follow their respective provincial laws regarding cannabis consumption, but overall, buying weed online legally is not an issue.

Canna Cabana is the recommended dispensary in Canada for buying weed online.

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