Blogger Alex Thompson at Bikeside LA this week called Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Monday 'Bike Summit,' first reported here, a “triple fail” because the meeting will be held during working hours (9 to 11 a.m.), it was organized with the city's own Bicycle Advisory Committee cut out of the loop, and it took the “Bike Summit” name even though other meetings under that name have already been held.

Someone forgot to inform Thompson that this is Mayor V. we're talking about here, and even if the L.A. cycling community had held a billion bike summits, when Villaraigosa holds one that's the last word in two-wheeled summitry. After all, this is the guy who didn't really seem to get the whole bicycle thing until he broke his own elbow in a bike accident in July.

Writes Thompson:

The Mayor's staff sent a clear signal that convenience for city staff will continue to be a higher priority than engaging the community leaders who have been working on bike issues all along.

LA Weekly