When we heard the news that Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream renamed a flavor in support of gay marriage, we were absolutely, 100 percent THRILLED! Finally, we could eat something tasty and fattening and feel completely cool about it.

Then we read the Freedom to Marry press release a little further…

Even though the gay marriage cause took off like a rocket after Proposition 8 was passed in California — and tens of thousands of gay and straight folks protested in the streets of Los Angeles, with CNN broadcasting the images around the world, sparking more marches and political action across the country — and even though gay Californians desperately need any kind of pick-me-up as we struggle to overturn Prop. 8 in 2010 or 2012… Ben & Jerry's “Hubby, Hubby” will NOT be sold in California.

Prop 8 protest in L.A.; Credit: Ted Soqui

Prop 8 protest in L.A.; Credit: Ted Soqui

In fact, “Hubby, Hubby” will only be served in Vermont — nearly 3,000 miles away — and only during the month of September.

Yeah, it's not like the world's going to end, but still, it's kind of a bummer — we were all set to sacrifice our waistlines and thighs, help make “Hubby, Hubby” a best-seller and eat a few gallons of the stuff.

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