If you're the sort of person who has a foie gras countdown clock — 16 days and counting, as calibrated by some NASA engineer hiding out in a Périgord bunker — you will be interested in today's feature food story, in which Besha Rodell considers the Last Days of Foie Gras. If you're a committed vegetarian, it's still an fascinating issue, since the upcoming ban is not simply about ducks and Sacramento, but a serious culinary tradition.

So, for the moment, let's put aside the politics of the thing. I know it's hard. For some, it's impossible — to true believers, the very existence of an article that talks about foie in anything less than horrific terms is an abomination. But as someone who spends her life invested in the experience and flavor of things, what interests me is how chefs view foie as an ingredient and what they — and we, as an extension — lose when it goes away.

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