Old Crow Medicine Show

Avalon, August 8

By Ryan Colditz

Having grown up in the boonies of Northern California, far from the smog and street lights, “Country” is a way of the land. I did everything I could to stay separated from it. All that line dancing and rodeo action just isn't my thing. My comfort zone stops with the Allman Brothers. But by golly Old Crow Medicine Show was a hoo-hah, take-your partner doe-see-doe experience. I think that's how they say it. A fun sound with good, meaningful messages like “Don't you never let no woman rule your mind.” It reminded me that no matter how you package a song, if it has a good beat and some soul, its good music. They genuinely enjoyed the show they were performing. This group of guys from Nashville knew they were south of the Mason-Dixon line and brought the south to Southern California.

You couldn't help but hear Nirvana, AC/DC and Beatles influences, and with all the harmonicas, banjos and stand up bass it was really something to be seen. The way they controlled the stage and the crowd, they had better stage presence than most rock bands. The crowd LOVED them. I was entranced with honky tonk. I think I felt my foot tap to the beat a few time instinctively, just like the folk in NorCal do it. People were jigging right next to me. You just don't see that normally at the Avalon. I had a grand time and am going to make sure I see them next time around. Maybe that country music stuff isn't so bad anyways.

–Ryan Colditz

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Photos by Rena Kosnett

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