While most of the world continues to think, yeah, O.J. did it, his former attorney, F. Lee Bailey, dredged up what he claims is evidence sat on by the defense that would have further proven his client's innocence.

That would include, he claims, a witness who observed the real killer leaving Nicole Brown Simpson's Brentwood condo the night she was stabbed to death in 1994.

The revelations come in the form of a 20,000 word book proposal Bailey published this week on his website three years after he says no publishers bit. He would still take a deal, though (surprise).

“It's time somebody put out the real facts of the case,” Bailey told Associated Press.

The attorney says his wit was one of four never called late in the sensational 1995 murder trial of Simpson because the defense was concerned that the case had dragged on for too long and would end up in a mistrial.

They got the wrong man, says F. Lee Bailey.

They got the wrong man, says F. Lee Bailey.

Bailey's conspiracy theory? The real murderer(s) were trying to collect a drug debt and mistook Nicole Brown Simpson and fellow victim Ronald J. Goldman for their intended targets. (This always seems to happen to rich, somewhat famous wives of a football legends and their good-looking waiter friends).

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented Goldman's family in its successful civil suit against Simpson, wondered aloud why — if this evidence is so strong — it wasn't brought up in that subsequent case.

“If Mr. Bailey can't think of anything better than trying to help the public reputation of O.J. Simpson, that's really sad,” she told AP.

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