OgCrains drops beautifully intricate new track ‘Helen Keller.’

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West Coast rapper’s new track embraces the sacred and the profane.

For those who haven’t been watching the West Coast rap scene lately, hip-hop artist OgCrains has been blazing a formidable trail for himself, with powerful new release after powerful new release.

The San Diego-born rapper – who now splits his time between the West Coast and his current base in North Carolina – has dropped a flurry of singles in recent years which have generated over a million streams, including ‘West Coast Vibes,’ ‘Who Am I,’ and ‘What A Sight.’

The artist’s latest single, ‘Helen Keller,’ might be his most impactful yet. With beats that veer from gentle strings to pummelling basslines, the song’s lyrics offer a freewheeling insight into Og’s decadent lifestyle, complete with everything from braggadocios to confrontational rap battle-esque bars to the occasional dose of tongue-in-cheek humor.

First shared in May, ‘Helen Keller’ has already racked up over 50,000 streams and has become a summer tune. It has a distinctive West Coast flavor that hip-hop fans will recognize, while OgCrains keeps things fresh with his unique sound and voice.

“Helen Keller ” is written about how hard it is for people to initially see your vision of success. Everyone tells you you can’t do it or are inadequate and unfit to achieve such a high goal. Only you can see your destination and the visions of success. When I speak of having a Rolex and a penthouse, I manifest greatness. Not only through mind and thought but also through song so everyone else can hear it and see my vision. It talks about how I’m working hard to get to where I want to be and the sacrifices I’ve had to make/running into trouble with the law.”

As with all of OgCrains’ releases, the song feels meticulously constructed and hard-earned. And that makes sense – because it comes from an artist who developed a love for rap music while still a kid and spent years perfecting his craft and working on his music even as real-life taught him hard lessons.

Listen to ‘Helen Keller’ OUT NOW and stay tuned for his next drop, “Dedication.”

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