The Associated Press reports that Nadya Suleman, the 33-year-old single mother who gave birth to eight children January 26, has left the hospital. She returns to Whittier and an uncertain future. Initially there had been an outpouring of public astonishment and elation over the seemingly miraculous multiple births. But then, as the birth circumstances and Suleman's background became known, the honeymoon quickly wore off. News soon emerged from Suleman's mother, Angela, and other sources, that Nadya had something of an obsession with children — she already six youngsters, including a set of twins.

Not only that, but she had undergone fertility treatments that

implanted embryos from her past pregnancies in order to create her natal

miracle. Amid growing claims made on AM radio and the blogosphere that

taxpayers would end up footing the mother's bills, she hired an L.A.

PR firm to handle what Suleman presumed would be an avalanche of

requests for commercial endorsements and media interviews — all of

which would come with a price tag.

On Wednesday KFWB radio reporter Pete Demtriou, speaking on CNN's Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell, noted, “In eight days it's turned into a morality/media/ethics/marketing and money madhouse.”

Thursday's New York Times quoted veteran Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman as wondering  if Suleman would begin “using the kids as an ATM machine.”


AP described Suleman's release from Kaiser Permanent in Bellflower —

where her newborns remain — as occurring “under cover of dark.” The

agency said calls to Suleman's publicists, Joann Killeen, went

unreturned.  Meanwhile the Medical Board of California has announced it will launch a probe for possible professional miscondcut by the unnamed doctors who supervised Suleman's fertility treatment.

LA Weekly