Occupy has been a mostly quiet force since it was booted from the City Hall lawn late last year, save for a few eruptions like July's clash with cops over “chalking” at Art Walk.

Maybe the movement has found its forte, however, in more focused occupations, like one today of a Van Nuys residence it says is slated for foreclosure. Instead of helping residents move out of what has become the “home to Occupy San Fernando Valley,” they're staying and partying:

The address of Ulises Hernandez and four young children — some reportedly cousins of his own kids — is a bite-size piece of the Occupy cause:

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The residence at 14620 Leadwell St. is the subject of a move-out order effective yesterday, Occupy LA states via Facebook:

After 4 years of battling the banks, our comrade Ulises Hernandez and his family have been served a five day notice to vacate their home. The notice was received on Tuesday, August 21st and the final eviction date is Sunday, August 26th.

The Hernandez house has served as a home to not only the 9 people living there (4 small children included), but also as a home to Occupy San Fernando Valley. It is where our garden was born, art has been made and where we have grown to love each other like family.

We can't possibly vacate the home without having a going away party.

KTLA News reported that the family couldn't afford the home's mortgage after bigger payments went into effect, leading to foreclosure.

Occupiers opened the “occuparty” barbecue event to one and all, with a potluck food policy. It lasts until tomorrow night at 10.

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