Occupy L.A. might resemble a homeless encampment outside City Hall, but some are complaining that the real homeless are moving in on the anti-Wall Streeters in order to take advantage of the relatively plentiful food.

Lt. Paul Vernon of the LAPD's Central Division stated over the weekend (via Twitter) that, “Yes, homeless joining OccupyLA encampment to co-opt food etc. How do campers tell them to leave?”

ABC7 reported this:

Occupy L.A. organizers said that homeless people are starting to move into the tents, taking advantage of the food, shelter and other services.

Occupier Clark Davis said they're welcome and that others at the demonstration site should help them out:

We know that skid row is just a few blocks from here and there is 10,000 to 15,000 people living on the streets every single night. There's no doubt about it that some people are migrating over here. We don't want to necessarily turn them away.

Yeah, homeless people, it would seem, are 99 percenters too.

And, uh, news flash for all those other occupiers who have been living on the street for the last three weeks. Smell yourselves. There's a word for that aroma: Homeless.


LA Weekly