Something about fast-food chicken shop Chick-fil-A inspires a strange devotion in Americans. Maybe even more than for In 'N' Out or Sonic, hardcore fans will travel miles (and brave cold winter campouts!) to get at that greasy crack-cocaine goodness.

All across the country, almost eclipsing the real Occupy movement today, Chick-fil-A activists are camping out for a year's worth of free chicken at its yet-to-open-locations — including a much-anticipated branch in Northridge.

As per tradition, the first 100 campers to arrive in the parking lot at 6 a.m. this morning — the day before Thursday's big opening — have been given special wristbands. Just like on September 21 in Hollywood.

"My whole table won Free Chick-Fil-A for 1 year! :) Yes!!!!"; Credit: @RinnyRiot via Twitter

“My whole table won Free Chick-Fil-A for 1 year! 🙂 Yes!!!!”; Credit: @RinnyRiot via Twitter

(Actually, event organizers reportedly handed out 110 wristbands this time, “purposefully overbooking the contest with the assumption at least 10 people won't make it through the night.” We're not so sure that was a good idea — free crack-chicken for a year will make a girl do crazy things.)

The anxious crowd is reportedly housed in a total of 36 tents, making for a lovely urban-camping spectacle way out in the paved paradise of Valley strip malls. NBC LA calls it “Occupy Northridge,” but out of respect for the 99 percenters of the same name, we'll stick with Occupy Chick-fil-A.

And apparently some guy out in Salt Lake City thought that was pretty catchy, too: The 100 diehards outside that new location have even created signs. (As if a Halloween full of “Ocuppy Whatever” costumes wasn't enough to kill the humor in that meme forever.)

And here we thought Northridge was hardcore.

Credit: @occupyfila via Twitter

Credit: @occupyfila via Twitter

But back to the hometown investigation, via NBC LA:

To prevent occupiers from scoring a wristband and then returning just in time for free chicken, restaurant officials do random checks throughout the day. Also, to ensure everyone is a happy camper, the restaurant is giving away free lunch and dinner.

Free Chick-fil-A just half a day before the finish line? Kind of ruins the buildup, if you ask us. Campers should be forced to down trail mix and Emergen-C packets to make that special unhealthy moment even specialer.

At least they're doing yoga. And hiring a DJ (set to arrive at 5 p.m.). Looking more and more like Occupy L.A. every second!


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