If you're thinking of getting a glimpse of President Barack Obama, here's his itinerary from City News Service, and Yo! Venice offered a link to the signup sheet for attending the Town Hall (but alas, the seats are now all gone).

It will be interesting to see whether the President announces any Los Angeles “shovel-ready” projects to make the locals here look good, after that embarrassing snafu in Pennsylvania the other day involving a decrepit, 79-year-old bridge.  Vice President Joe Biden touted the bridge as a ready-to-go stimulus project. But it turned out to be a typical local government situation in which no repairs can begin on the bridge over Conodoguinet Creek for months.

Let's assume President Obama will not tout the bid by Beverly Hills to get $10 million to pave its wide and beautiful streets, which the Los Angeles Times actually cited, without irony, in a story with a headline about “relief” being on its way here.

The president is landing at 3 p.m. today in Long Beach, then heading to a deeply curious Orange County. Then on Thursday he's in Los Angeles and Burbank, where he will hang out with Leno as the second — no, not the first — sitting president to appear on late-night TV.

The president follows close on the heels of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who the Sausage Factory over at the Los Angeles Daily News explains zipped into L.A. on St. Patrick's Day to show his face and hold a town hall of his own, part of his upcoming bid to become California governor.

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