You might whine about President Obama's flip-floppity ways when it comes to medical marijuana, but you certainly don't put your votes where your mouth is, at least not according to this poll.

Californians, it seems, are solidly in Obama's corner in 2012.

One would think that his administration's crackdown on California's favorite herb might dampen our spirits. Nope:

57 percent of you approve of the job the president is doing, according to the latest USC Dornsife / Los Angeles Times poll (PDF).

56 percent of you would vote for Obama if the election were held today; 37 percent would go for Republican Mitt Romney.

Latinos, who have had issues with Obama's immigration policy (or lack thereof), were even more strongly in favor of a second term for the prez: 71 percent said they'd reelect him.

In fact, if this were a race decided only by white Californians, Obama would [correction]: almost lose: Only 47 percent of Anglos said they'd vote for the president in November. [Added]: That's still more than Romney would get, with 44 percent of whites going for him.

Interestingly, in the same poll, only 46 percent of Californians backed the right of same sex couples to marry, even in the wake of Obama's support for gay unions.

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