The Best Nuru Massage in Las Vegas, Nevada

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America’s Sin City is full of surprises, and if you’re here for a wild weekend with your friends or even just by yourself, all that gambling, partying, and indulgence will take a toll on your body. That’s why it’s important to unwind and take a break with some well-deserved sensual massage.

What if we told you there’s a better way to reap the benefits of sensual massage than what you get from any sleazy massage parlor? A Nuru massage is probably one of the best fully sensual massages you’ll ever experience in Las Vegas! Curious to find out what that is? Continue reading and learn more about this special erotic massage that’s been mastered and perfected under Nuru Body Slide by Ayelisa!

Nuru Body Slide by Ayelisa

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Nuru Body Slide by Ayelisa is a specialized Japanese nuru massage experience that’s been perfected for years by master masseuse Ayelisa. Learning the erotic massage technique from Japan, she has incorporated her unique take on the absolutely delightful and sensual art form that aims to relieve tension while being an intricate and exciting sexual performance in itself. View her videos.

This intimate and close body massage incorporates body-on-body gestures and movements that will help relax tight muscles and improve your mental wellness helping you to be in one with your surroundings.


What is a Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a form of erotic massage therapy originating from Japan. In Nihonggo, “Nuru” means “slippery” or smooth” which makes this massage unique to Thai, Swedish, or even Indian massage. It uses a special gel called “Nuru gel” derived from the hydrating seaweed extracts from Japan’s coastline.

When performing Japanese nuru massage, both the masseuse and client are fully naked as full skin-to-skin contact is done. The masseuse will use her body parts, such as her breasts, thighs, arms, and hands to create gentle gliding and sliding movements to produce ultimate pleasure and relaxation.

As mentioned earlier, Nuru gel is preferred by a masseuse compared to lotion and oil to achieve maximum results for this type of massage.

Nuru Massage Benefits

The benefits of sexual massage exceed a normal massage, as it provides more gains that go beyond relieving tension and loosening tight muscles due to stress. Japanese Nuru massage is one of those massage service options that clients prefer more than other sexual massages that massage girls offer for pleasure and with good reason.

Here are just some of them:

  • It’s good for your skin – since the gel used in Nuru massage has moisturizing properties, expect your skin to feel smooth and supple after your session.
  • It helps improve your blood circulation – When done properly by trained masseuses, it can improve your body’s overall circulation and delivery of nutrients to tissues.
  • It increases intimacy and sexual satisfaction – It’s not just masseuses who can perform Japanese Nuru massage, couples can also practice this by themselves to enhance emotional and physical connection even further.
  • It alleviates tense muscles – Unlike the typical hard massage done by a massage girl, clients get to relieve aching muscles and stiffness thanks to the gentle gliding movements happening during the service.

What to Expect During a Las Vegas Nuru Massage?

Before booking a Nuru Massage Las Vegas experience, you must first prepare well before your erotic massage encounter. One of the main things you should focus on is proper hygiene.

As your bodies will be in direct contact, ensure that you have bathed and washed every part of your body well with soap. It’s not ideal to perform nuru when there are open wounds or gashes, so make sure that you don’t have broken skin or rashes.

There should also be direct communication between the girls and their clients. As this is a discreet service, you have to establish how and where to pay and if you will need to book a hotel room or visit the massage therapist’s quarters.

There must also be consent when this erotic body therapy is performed. Therefore, you have to discuss with your Nuru therapist if any sexual acts are involved. Remember that Nuru is still a massage technique. Should you interest yourself in full intercourse, this should be communicated before the session and not at the actual moment.

How Much Should I Tip My Nuru Massage Therapist in Las Vegas?

Most people would argue that the happy-ending massage tip practice is around 10% or 20% of the price you pay for a session. However, that would all largely depend upon the request of the erotic girl therapist. There are other therapist girls who may demand a range higher or lower than that, but that completely falls on what has been agreed upon by both the customer and their therapist.

You would find that some specialists provide an actual Nuru massage pricing sheet, and include a tip charge for their services. One of those girls is Ayelisa. You can rest assured that the moment you book a hotel room, what you get is an all-inclusive session without any external fees afterward.

How to Find Other Las Vegas Nuru Massage Services?

There are plenty of Nuru specialists in Las Vegas that you can quickly google the internet. However, it’s quite risky for visiting clients as scammers and fraud is rampant elsewhere. We highly recommend that you only book reliable therapists who have been around in the business for quite some time.

Services offered by Ayelisa are just some of the best in Sin City as she has a proven track record of providing quality Japanese erotic massages (and more) as reviewed by her patrons and even newbies from all over. Try it out for yourself and you’ll just know the difference right away!

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