A nude photo of an Agoura High School administrator might have ended up on Facebook and before the eyes of underage boys, prompting the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to investigate.

It appears that, this time around, the school employee in question wasn't a former porn star: It's not clear how the picture was taken.

All Sgt. Dan Scott of the sheriff's Special Victims Bureau would tell the Weekly is that …

Who circulated it and who it was sent to could change greatly what crime it is. All of that is relavent to the investigation. Sending it to a minor with intent to arouse is much different than it just floating around.

The Acorn newspaper reports that a school source told the paper …

… a male physical fitness trainer who reportedly works with the woman at Agoura Fitness in Agoura Hills. The picture was subsequently copied and circulated by students at the high school …

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A source said she took the trainer's classes: That man might have been put on leave or fired from the gym, the Acorn said.

The pic ended up on the trainer's Facebook page, and some students might have seen it, copied it, and spread it around.

How this went down is the subject of the sheriff's inquiry, which was opened within the last few weeks, Scott said:

We are actively investigating all aspects of the case.

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