NPR's blog The Record just published an interesting end-of-the-year survey of the current rise of dubstep, and it's frattier doppelganger “bro-step” (read the comments thread for that post for a kinda pointless debate about the nuanced differences or lack thereof between the two bass-heavy genres). But what caught our attention was the claim the the controversial Electric Carnival Rave at the LA Coliseum was bigger than Coachella and Bonnaroo this year:

From the NPR blogpost:

If the crowds at electronic music festivals are any indication, the sound is already being passed around. It was reported that the Electric Daisy Carnival brought in over 100,000 people in a single day, something that neither of the mega-festivals Coachella nor Bonnaroo managed to do. And at just about every electronic music festival, the DJs with the youngest and most energetic audiences were playing bass heavy, grimy dubstep.

Curious claim, right? See also Dennis Romero's probe into the contradictory mix of raving culture and politics in this week's LA Weekly cover story, “Death, Money and Megaraves.”

LA Weekly