Now living in Los Angeles, the contemporary artist Leo Macias Transforms Life’s Imperfections into Captivating Artistic Narratives in ‘The Root’s Path.

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Contemporary artist Leo Macias, whose roots span from Colombia to Brazil, with stints in New York and currently, Los Angeles, unveils his latest exploration of human connection, growth, and beauty, embodied in his artwork titled “The Root’s Path.”

Celebrating 20 years of international art career and exhibitions

Celebrating 20 years in the art world, Macias’s oeuvre bridges continents and cultures, delving deep into varied techniques and materials. His most recent venture, “The Root’s Path,” is a testament to his soulful connection with his work and offers viewers an immersive experience that celebrates the beauty in imperfection.

At the heart of Macias’s artwork lie three pivotal themes.

The first celebrates the significance of human touch and movement, manifested through depictions of hands, feet, and fingers. Macias’s art draws parallels between physical steps, which take us to new geographical realms, and metaphorical ones that symbolize personal growth. “Steps enable us to cross limits and frontiers,” says Macias, who has lived this journey both personally and artistically.

The juxtaposition of roses and thorns forms the second pillar. Macias challenges viewers to embrace life’s thorns as they would the beauty of roses, illustrating that amidst adversities bloom dreams, achievements, and impacts. He reflects, “One must patiently endure the thorns to witness the eventual blossoming of a rose. Such is the essence of life’s magnificence.”

The allure of appropriation and the charm of imperfection are evident in his pieces, drawing inspiration from his grandparents’ artistic and empirical journeys.

Despite no formal art education or technical expertise, they began their artistic endeavors at 80 years old. Their art exemplified pure creativity, each approaching art in their own unique manner.

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His grandfather sculpted clay human bodies and busts. The resulting “imperfections” – an arm longer than the other, fingers thicker than usual, or legs disproportionately long – became the essence of his work, adding a magical touch.

His grandmother took to painting on cardboards. Her technical limitations didn’t deter her. If she found difficulty in painting a particular element, she would ingeniously cut it out from a book or magazine to complete her artwork. It wasn’t unusual to see her incorporate gardens from magazines or paper flowers into her compositions.

The magic of their art lies in turning appropriations and imperfections into captivating artistic expressions that mesmerized me as a child and continue to inspire my work today.

After a 20-year stay in Brazil, I came back to Colombia nine years ago. This return marked the beginning of a three-year journey to reconnect with my roots, retrace my past, and seek inspiration for future artworks.

“The Root’s Path,” one of my art pieces, prominently features appropriations and imperfections. I use plastic toys, dolls, twigs, plastic roses, orthopedic feet, and other elements found during my research to craft these “imperfect” sculptures and paintings.

About Leo Macias:

A globe-trotting artist with deep roots in Colombia and Brazil, Leo Macias has dedicated the past 20 years to artistic exploration. Residing in Los Angeles, his work uniquely amalgamates global experiences, evoking profound human connections and celebrating life’s inherent imperfections.

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Celebrating 20 years career with a brand created by the artist.

The Root’s Path: Crafting Artistic Legacy and Celebrating Life’s Imperfections

In a world overwhelmed with brands, “The Root’s Path” stands apart. We are not just another brand; we are a testament to life’s beautiful imperfections. With an exclusive focus on crafting limited edition “art items,” every creation draws its essence from the unparalleled artistry and vision of Leo Macias. Our aim? To inspire, spark creativity, and defy the ordinary.

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Our debut? The arT-Shirt. It’s more than just apparel. It’s wearable art. Each shirt, available in three exclusive shades, showcases Leo Macias’s signature artwork. And with just 150 pieces available per hue, it’s as unique as the person wearing it. Each shirt is thoughtfully packaged in a bag that’s both stylish and reusable.

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An Exclusive Collector’s Item

This exclusive collection is a true gem for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Once this first limited edition is sold out, the designs will never be printed again, ensuring the uniqueness and value of each T-shirt grows with time, making them true collector’s items.

Where to Find “The Root’s Path” T-Shirt Collection

As a true testament to his artistry and dedication to his followers, Leo Macias has made this collection available exclusively through his online store at or and on his Instagram accounts: @therootspath and @leomaciasart.

Leo Macias’ Vision

“I am thrilled to introduce this creative product and offer my followers and admirers a chance to enhance their collections,” says Leo Macias, exuding excitement about this revolutionary launch.

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About Leo Macias

Leo Macias is a visionary artist born in Colombia and raised in Brazil, now based in Los Angeles, California. Drawing inspiration from his diverse cultural heritage, Leo’s art defies conventions, allowing him to explore unconventional expressions that transcend the boundaries of imagination. Guided by the artistic legacy of his grandparents, he celebrates the allure of imperfection, creating contemporary masterpieces that weave the delicate dance between “appropriations and imperfections.”

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