Finding a vegan and cruelty-free skincare line can sometimes be challenging. Thankfully I found Nourishe by Kristin Paeonia. Nourishe was inspired by Mother Nature and created using certified organic ingredients, whole plant complexes with no preservatives or fillers. These unique formulas are encoded with DNA repair and healing frequencies to ensure that the molecular structure of each product is also in harmonic resonance.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve been using and the results are stellar. I used a mix of the products from Nourishe’s Essential Collection and Luxury Series. These three products have changed my skin and there’s no going back.

(1) The Shungite and Diamond Soap is a gleaming charcoal color that makes my skin feel extra soft.

(2) Mid-day floral spray is the perfect refresh for throughout the day.

(3) Rosea Beauty Serum soaks perfectly in my skin and make me feel extra hydrated.

These mother-earth-inspired products are a dream come true for vegan skincare.

Tara Inc Photography

LA Weekly