Having recently signed on with Ultra Records, Italian duo Giolì & Assia’s MOON FACES EP is being readied for release. It’s been a big year for the deep house project; they pulled in well over seven million Youtube views when they recorded themselves performing on an active volcano in Milazzo Sicily.

As explosive metaphors go, it’s a little on the nose. But this duo, who are a romantic as well as musical pairing, continue to see their stock rise as we anticipate this new EP.

“The EP will be a set of different melodies, languages and lyrics, united by a dark, intense, emotional atmosphere and some fresh beats,” they say. “We’re titled it MOON FACES because that concept characterizes the EP. It will make listeners understand the connection between all five tracks.”

They describe their sound as “indie electronic,” though concede that the sound has evolved since the last release.

“Of course, our signature sounds are always there,” they say. “It’s always our signature sound, but we feel it’s always evolving and improving. We are still learning and growing everyday. Same thing for the style, these songs are different, but also they’re our best evolution. We don’t want to put limits of genres and sounds on our creative process. Can’t wait to show you the whole Ep!”

The MOON FACES EP is out soon. “For You is out now.

LA Weekly