Nom Nom Truck hit the streets of LA this past week, with a soft opening (yes, you can have a soft opening with a food truck as well as a brick-and-mortar restaurant) on the Westside and downtown near USC. It's been a frenetic few days for the UCLA grads who started the business, and co-owner David Stankunas was out on the hot concrete sidewalk on Olympic Boulevard at lunchtime today, apologizing to the crowd after they ran out of baguettes for the banh mi sandwiches Nom Nom specializes in. “Every day is different,” said Stankunas. (Today's lunch was their 5th service.) “We did 1/10th of what we wanted last night and today we ran short. But it's been a lot of fun and the turnout has been great.”

As Stankunas explained to the sweating businessmen waiting in line about the baguettes (he buys baguettes in San Gabriel every morning, sometimes more than once), the crowds remained, opting to get tacos instead. Between interest in Viet food and an active community on Twitter, Nom Nom seems to have a loyal following already. The true test came moments later, when somebody checked a cell phone and learned that Kogi was parked only a few blocks away. Nobody moved.

You can follow Nom Nom Truck on Twitter @nomnomtruck.

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