The Hollywood Rave Riot of 2011 might have been a little overblown. Only two people were detained, with one ultimately charged. A police car got beat down. A rave promoter used to bad press got another black eye in the media.

That all makes you feel a little sorry for the one guy who has to pay for his participation.

Noel Stephen Buller was sentenced to …

… three years of probation after pleaded guilty to a charge of failure to disperse, according to an announcement today from the L.A. City Attorney's office.

He was the 21-year-old, long-haired skateboarder seen in many photographs of a standoff between police in riot gear and ravers who had come to hear Kaskade perform a free DJ event on Hollywood Boulevard July 27.

Then again, he could have moved on instead of being the one person who puffed his chest out and defied police the most.

Dude has to undergo one year's worth of mental health counseling, according to his plea agreement, or else a 90-day jail sentence will also be imposed, the City Attorney's office says.

It described the night of the crime this way:

On July 27, 2011, several hundred disgruntled people caused a disturbance on Hollywood Boulevard after they were turned away from a concert/block party at a movie premier. The group damaged police vehicles, caused massive gridlock, and refused to disperse from the area when instructed by police. Defendant Buller was observed yelling at police officers and agitating others in the crowd and was arrested after refusing to comply with commands to disperse.

Kaskade, a superstar spinner, had tweeted that he was going to perform at a free outdoor block party on the boulevard near Highland Avenue, resulting in pandemonium and a crowd in the streets that wouldn't disperse.

That night the embattled promoter of the Electric Daisy Carnival rave series was hosting a premier of a documentary about its 2010 summer party in L.A. at the nearby Graumann's Chinese Theater.

Kaskade is a key subject in the film.

The promoter denied any connection to the free DJ performance, but we reported that a city curb-closure permit taken out by the theater for the promoter's premier listed just such a performance by Kaskade. And we noted that EDC go-go dancers appeared to accompany the DJ as his mobile sound truck hit the street.

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