Some geniuses — oh, lets just call them … guys — have come up with the idea that the smarter sex go bottomless today.

They're calling it “No Panty Day,” and it's all over Twitter.

These people — oh, let's just also call them adolescents and the grown-ass men who act like them — really want you ladies to know about this and, as many have said, “dress accordingly:”

Here's the thing: If you have already dressed for work, school or just lounging by the pool, and you're a woman, and you just now heard about this, there's still time to get in on all the fun:

Removal of one's undergarments is just as easy — perhaps easier — than getting them on. Just make sure your boss/professor/neighbor is not looking.

Who started this best day ever? We don't know. We did find a reference to a “No Panty Day” happening in October of last year. Whoever kept the tradition alive isn't very consistent.

But two days after the start of summer — on a Friday no less — is an excellent time to go al fresco if you ask us.

Now, before you accuse us of cheap, page-view-baiting misogyny, consider the alternative:

“No Panty Day” is waaaaaaay better than “Free-Baller Day.” Admit it.

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