An open message to all the men out there who've called the women they've slept with “defective” after a 15-minute pumping session failed to result in an orgasm:

This especially goes out to the handful of buffoons (you know who you are) who didn't believe me when I told them.

About 3/4 of the female population DON'T orgasm from intercourse alone. That means, using less formal terminology, that 75% of women, no matter how hard/long/fast you fuck them, will not have an orgasm without some kind of additional stimulation.

This isn't a defect of hers OR yours. It's biology.

“I suspect that for a large proportion of women, orgasm from intercourse alone is just never going to happen and knowing that might give women some solace,” Kim Wallen, professor of behavioral neuroendocrinology at Emory University, told ABC News.

This is not new info — it's just under reported. You're not going to hear this during middle school sex-ed class, in between the “You'll get pregnant no matter what,” and “You'll get STDs no matter what” lesson plans. You're not going to hear this during “the talk” with your mom/dad. You're certainly not going to hear it in mainstream media.

What is new is Wallen's hypothesis that a woman's ability to have an orgasm from intercourse alone depends on the distance between her clitoris and vaginal opening.

WARNING: Dr. Ruth moment in 5…4…3…2…1 This makes sense anatomically. The inner lips of the vagina and the clitoral hood are extensions of one another. When the inner lips move (like when you move something in and out of the vagina) they move the hood of skin that lies over the clitoris. The shorter the distance between the two, the stronger the movement and, in turn, the stronger the feeling. The clit is where all the nerves are, so any feeling on or around it is good and the most effective way to have an orgasm.

So next time you have sex and wonder where the O moment went, remember this message from Professor Wallen:

“Just as there are physical attributes that would prevent some people from ever becoming a concert violinist, or run the 100 meters in 10 seconds, there are attributes that make it unlikely that some women will ever experience orgasm from intercourse alone.”

Being able to make a woman orgasm from his penis alone does not make a man a good lover. Understanding how it all works “down there” does.

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