The 2010 Zagat Survey for LA came out recently and, in case you're wondering about the Michelin Guide, a reminder that Michelin decided not to publish a 2010 guide for Los Angeles (or Las Vegas) this year. The suspension was due to the economic climate, and, according to a Michelin spokesperson, temporary. In other words, you'll just have to wait to see if Urasawa, Mélisse, Spago and Providence keep their 2 stars or if they get unseated. Assuming that Michelin doesn't go the way of Gourmet. (And assuming you still care about what a tire company says about restaurants in the first place.) In the meantime, check out this interview with an anonymous Michelin inspector, posted by Michelin 3 days ago on YouTube and on the Michelin Inspector website, called, amusingly, 'Famously Anonymous.' Something of an oxymoron, that one. But they do have to sell the guides they're still publishing, and maybe they figured the John le Carré approach would help.

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