Angelenos secretly love being stereotyped, especially by New Yorkers and other foreigners, so we've pulled out three canards that appeared in today's U.K. press. Enjoy.

Drinking at lunchtime, using irony and walking down a pavement (as opposed to driving) are the most reliable ways to raise eyebrows in Los Angeles. But if you want to see people totally flummoxed, try telling them that you plan to honeymoon in Alaska.

— Guy Adams' “L.A. Notebook,” Guardian U.K.

Seeing pictures of patients being treated in a free drop-in medical clinic in Los Angeles, one could be forgiven for thinking the picture was of a Third World country, not the richest country in the world.

— Reader letter to the Daily Mirror

“The kids love Vancouver. Again, to be honest with you, had the offer of this been in Los Angeles, it might have been a different answer. It's not my favourite place to be. “. . . Importantly for Carlyle, he is also left to his own devices, with none

of the overt attention from paps or fans which plagues celebs in L.A.

— Actor Robert Carlyle on the joys of Vancouver, Daily Record

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