If you're still looking for work after nearly three years of economic malaise in Southern California, a controversial L.A. rave promoter might have a job for you.

An recent ad in Craigslist states that a crowd management company is hiring 700 security guards, ticket takers, ushers and more at the behest of L.A. based Insomniac Events. Unfortunately for you the gig is one-time-only. And it's in Las Vegas in June.

Insomniac moved its annual mega-rave, Electric Daisy Carnival, from the L.A. Coliseum to Las Vegas after much controversy over …

… it's crowd management.

EDC drew about 160,000 people over two days. It also saw people get injured and crushed, 200 medical emergencies, 60 arrests, and the subsequent death of a 15-year-old girl who had taken ecstasy.

Insomniac promised many improvements this year, including increased security and an 18-and-older policy at the door.

But its lobbying efforts to get the Coliseum Commission to approve another EDC seemed to flatline after the Los Angeles Times revealed that the Coliseum's events manager was also double dipping as an Insomniac employee, which is possibly illegal.

The president of the Coliseum Commission, David Israel, withdrew his support for the party, and EDC left town.

Now, after all that you would think that the party would have some strict hiring standards.

But the Craigslist ad states, “No Experience Necessary / We'll Train You!”

LA Weekly