Besides reviewing the Draft Sidewalk Master Plan and re-examining off-leash dog exercise areas in its city parks, the Westlake Village City Council's Wednesday agenda grappled with what to do about Amazing Healing Supply. This is a medical marijuana distributor that set up shop in a business park on May 30, according to the Ventura County Star. When it first learned of Amazing's existence, the council on July 8 declared a 45-day moratorium on all pot pharms. Wednesday, it decided to extend the ban for 10 and a half more months — effectively shutting down Amazing.

Amazing, which in its brief existence earned a three and three-quarter-star rating on LAmsterdam.com, has responded by petitioning L.A. Superior Court, claiming its business is protected by the passage of Proposition, 215, which allowed the emergence of pot dispensaries throughout California; the business also claims it has not violated any Westlake Village zoning ordinances.

The case will no doubt be among the first of many throughout

California, as communities begin to take second looks at the possibly

deleterious effects of pot dispensaries, while at the same time they

ponder the tax revenues such establishments could bring in

during the current financial crisis. Amazing Healing Supply probably

shouldn't hope to play the tax card with Westlake Village, however.

While the master-planned community may eerily resemble the suburban

setting of the TV series Weeds, its middle-class tax base will probably shield the town from the temptations of seeking green gold.

LA Weekly