Devil’s Haircut — Part 1

Message to Orlando Bloom: The hobo look ain’t workin’! We spotted the handsome actor strolling the faux streets of Paramount’s New York lot last week with a bad bedhead ’do, a linty old scarf around his neck, and two similarly scruffy Oliver Twist types on either side. We’d gathered for the annual GM Ten bash — a car show/celebrity fashion show/concert that always gets our engines revvin’ for Oscar Week — and the stargazing this year was as eclectic as it gets. Some were seriously glammed out — like Zach Braff, Terrell Owens, Christina Milian, Katherine Heigl and Bai Ling — but Bloom & Co. were hardly the only ones pushing the homeless-hottie look: Adam Brody of The O.C. hid under a hoodie and sported loads o’ stubble. (We’re sad the show’s over too, but it’s no reason to go all Unabomber, man!) But the Most Disheveled Duo Award goes to The Strokes Fabrizio Moretti and Kirsten Dunst, who made goo-goo eyes at each other while nestled in a very visible area of the party — with a hipster crew that included Har Mar Superstar. The pair might look good together, but we think Fab was much more, well, fab with Drew Barrymore.

Speaking of exes: Demi Moore and Bruce Willis sat across from each other during the runway show; Moore sat between hubby Ashton Kutcher and Penelope Cruz, whileWillis was seated with a hot young brunette. Only later did we realize it was daughter Rumer — who is rumored (sorry!) to be dating Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Wentz modeled in the show, along with Mary J. Blige, Denise Richards and Oscar babe Jennifer Hudson. Afterward, Beck busted out the hits — and a groovy medley of designer-jeans jingles (Ooo La La, Sassoon!), which had Vincent Gallo, Jason Lee and Ken Davitian — the hairy guy from Borat — shaking their shagginess. Grunge may be dead, but, dewd, grunge really does live!

Devil’s Haircut — Part 2

We couldn’t believe we’d scored an invite to the Vanity Fair Oscar bash — until we discovered it wasn’t theVanity Fair soiree, but the mag’s pre-awards party last Thursday. Still, the shindig attracted some biggies: Leonardo DiCaprio (seemingly still recovering from the Global Green bash he hostedwith Maroon 5 at Avalon the night before), Natalie Cole, Kevin Connolly, Lance Bass, (pre-arrest) Bobby Brown, Djimon Hounsou and Lil Jon. Nobody was grunged out this time, least of all Brown, who wore a spiffy purple suit as he worked the red carpet, fielding question after question about Whitney. (Believe it or not, he seemed surprisingly mellow and articulate!)

The event, which featured a set by Macy Gray and benefited her music academy for kids, took place at Boulevard 3, a club in the former swimming-pool section of the old Hollywood Athletic Club. Damn, we loved dancing in that pool (which is supposed to be haunted) at the old Coven 13 parties. But we digress. We’re huge Macy fans, but it wasn’t her best performance. (One gal nearby observed, “She sucks!”) She’s got a Fantasia pixie these days, but it looks like her funkiness has gone the way of her ’fro.


The same night, we also checked out an art opening featuring the work of buds Brandon Boyd, Brent Bolthouse and Brian Bowen Smith (at Quixote Studios). Guess what: We were impressed. Boyd, lead singer for Incubus, showed colorful art-nouveau-ish pieces seemingly inspired by Greek mythology, psychedelic album-cover art and his own pooch! Smith’s photography (mostly nudes) was provocative yet clean and contrasty — and included a shot of Boyd’s ex, model Carolyn Murphy. Hmmm.

But it was Bolthouse’s stuff that really blew us away: The club king’s got access to the boldest names in the biz, but his photographic subjects here were anything but glamorous: children, old people, and the exotic atmospheres of Cambodia, Vietnam and Morocco. Beautiful. Of course, so were the faces at the show: Murphy, Selma Blair, Robert Downey Jr., Tony Kanal and Stroke Nick Valensi with socialite squeeze Amanda De Cadenet. We chatted briefly with Boyd, who confessed he’d been wanting to do a show with his pals for years; unfortunately, we were interrupted by a steady stream of females seeking face time with him — including one who just had to let him know she knew the name of his dog. Boyd said the pup was now with his ex, and then made a beeline over to Murphy. Wonder what it’s like to be both a model and a muse .?.?.

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