Fashion fix
Every trendy chick in town owns (or did own) the ubiquitous metallic purse — you know, the shiny gold-and-silver, crescent-shaped thing with the two large rings at the straps? (After Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton were seen toting it in the tabloids, it was knocked off from here to China.) But its designer, local lass Allison Burns, has obviously moved on to a more vibrant and classic aesthetic, judging by the rainbow of carry-alls and platforms (featuring studs and doodads by Cher design man Michael Schmidt) she displayed at an intimate gathering for her new high-end line, Delux, at Chateau Marmont the Tuesday before last. Burns’ bash, which took place in the “Belushi suite” (where the famous funnyman OD’d on a speedball) was attended by a mix of fashion press (Merle Ginsberg, Rose Apodaca Jones), rock and nightlife royalty (Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, Kimberly Stewart, Epitaph’s Gina and Brett Gurewitz, My Space sensations Hollywood Undead and Brent Bolthouse). NYC scene queens also attended (DJ Miss Guy, who tells us he’s on a break from his band The Toilet Boys while pursuing solo stuff, and Mistress Formika, who revealed he’s hung up his high heels and is rocking like a man with a new band).

Teaches & Urb
The Urb Next 100 Live DVD premiere party at El Rey last week was funky in more ways than one. Free Sauza tequila and Corn Nuts made a yummy combo, sure, but it also made the place stank, yo. Or maybe it was just the sweat inspired by the amazing orchestral maneuvers of hip-hop orchestra Dakah — an all-star group boasting members of Weapon of Choice and Ben Harper’s band, to name a few. The doc featured almost-famous artists like Boom Bip, Princess Superstar and Aesop Rock, but the departure of Urb editor Scott Sterling (who expanded the publication’s editorial scope, putting indie rock right next to rap) was the real buzz, leaving many to ponder what’s next for the mag itself.

Miss(ed) You
The “secret show” is the rock happening du jour in L.A. Some of the unadvertised, private and spur-of-the-moment shows ya may have missed in recent months: HIM at TheViper Room, The Flaming Lips at The Knitting Factory, The Germs at The Echo, and Aerosmith at ThePalladium this past Saturday. No, we didn’t check ’em all out — although when it comes to a Stones gig, we can get downright stalker-esque. After witnessing an awesome surprise set by Keith Richards at The Joint with his X-Pensive Wino cohort Waddy Wachtel the last time the Stones hit L.A., we weren’t taking any chances Monday night after their Hollywood Bowl show. Neither, apparently, were hundreds of other Stones fans: The Joint’s line was down the block. Unfortunately, Keith never showed, though backup singers Bernard Fowler and Blondie Chaplin did — the former of whom even addressed the inflated crowd between crooning Stones songs. (“If you came here just to see Keith, you’re fucked up, ’cause these guys are here every week.”) Okay, so we didn’t get Keef, but we definitely got a street-fighting man.

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