Neither sweltering temps nor a $10 cover kept the masses away from the Sunset Junction Street Fair. Saturday’s crowds were whiter and straighter than ever before (the leather-boy and tranny quotient was higher on New York Dolls Sunday); still, the essence of the hood wasn’t in the streets, but inside the bizzes. The Kiss or Kill Club took over El Cid with a nonstop procession of bands; Sugar Salon had $5 come-overs and allowed junctioners toilet use for the price of a karaoke selection (we sang “Respect”). Pull My Daisy’s Sarah Dale showed us her brand-new vintagey footwear shop, Silver Lake Shoes, over cold beers, while newbies like Giant Robot and Kicks provided AC and fans… Cliff’s Edge even had a portable swimming pool! Amid all the fresh tats, bad ’80s garb and giant sunglasses, ’twas the locals who as always made this affair seem like a family reunion: punk Sir Keith Morris, retro queen Kari French, I&I Sound System’s Shakespeare & Aurelito, hairy wizard man Paul K, soon-to-re-form Celebrity Skin-sters Tim Ferris and Jason Shapiro (with gal pal and baby in tow), and of course MC Diz McNally, whose stage banter remains as colorful as her acrylic claws.


We love our Silver Lake. Still, the boob tube could turn the hood into the hipster cliché that haters say it is. TV’s fall lineup boasts a sitcom set in the “trendy neighborhood,” called Sex, Lies and Secrets (starring Denise Richards as a publicist!). But Rock Star: INXS, which is like American Idol only with better songs and cooler hair, has it beat. The “secret” mansion where contestants reside happens to be one of S’Lake’s most famous party houses, and a couple of weeks ago Nightranger attended a jam session/get-together there with the show’s remaining contestants and producer Mark Burnett. Though it’s so obvious Aussie boy Mig Ayesa is gonna win, we’re shamefully caught up in the faux suspense and fashion sense. We particularly enjoy marveling at Dave Navarro’s “peacocking” — which, he explained, is about the flamboyant style that every potential rock star must perfect (though it could reference something more salacious where Dave’s concerned). Party guests included Navy NCIS stars Pauley Perrette and Lauren Holly, actors Seth Green and Hank Azaria (who we overheard chatting up recently voted-off contestant Deanna Johnston) and pretty vacant hostess Brooke Burke.


J.D. Terziu (Dragonfly co-owner and promoter of the late-’90s glam-rock rager Pretty Ugly Club along with Taime Downe) passed away August 21 in an auto accident. His smile and his sweet nature made his events feel like celebrations, and he’ll be thoroughly missed. A memorial at the Dragonfly is planned.

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