Some of you might remember: Before the second coming of Reagan (Bush) and His New World Hors d'Oeuvres, people used to come home from work while it was still light out and have something called Their Own Lives, during which it was not uncommon for them to have something called Fun and then do something called Sleep for what was called Eight Hours Or So. (Ah, memories.)

Bedtime means time for a hot nice fresh cup of warm boiled milk.

Got Pus? ( “Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone is like 'crack' for cows. It revs up their systems and forces them to produce a lot more milk for perhaps a few years, and then their milk production declines dramatically. It also makes them sick. Their udders swell and develop painful, bloody lesions . . .”

Do you accept all cookies? None? Only those sent back to the originating server? Perhaps Tad Lane (Information Architecture Standards Editor, Communications Arts and Services at Los Alamos National Laboratory) will help you decide with Web Cookies: Their Reason, Nature and Security

“Once upon a time there was a kitten named Tiger.” The Adventures of Tiger the Kitten ( A hypertext bedtime story with words and pictures and music, though not simultaneously. Perfect for 3-year-olds with PowerBooks and ISDN connections.

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