The second night of Van Morrison's revisit of his classic 1968 album Astral Weeks was a bit looser, a bit less immediate and, well, not as great as the first night. Don't get me wrong: the audience was more excitable on Saturday, standing to dance for “Brown Eyed Girl,” shouting along the spelling of G – L – O – R – Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-I – A” and pretty much acting like this were a Saturday night Van Morrison show at the Hollywood Bowl. But Morrison seemed less present, less enthusiastic, less targeted. On Friday, he and his band didn't miss a goddamned note. On Saturday, they missed a few.

But BFD is what I say. It was only by being able to measure one show alongside the other that I'm able to make that lame-o judgment. It was still a treat, still lush, organic and filled with beauty. I just didn't float the way that I did Friday night.

The stars came out, for sure: spotted in the crowd was Angelica Huston looking totally MILFy, Will Ferrell, Orlando Bloom, Jenna Fischer, Julia Roberts, and, I'm 85 percent sure, Harvey Weinstein. I say 85 percent because I stood next to this man who I'm pretty sure was Weinstein in front of the ivy wall during the show. He was dancing and smiling and singing along (which Is why that 15 percent doubt is there). He saw my backstage pass and said, “You got another one of those?” I politely said, No, and his response — hence the 85 percent certainty — was: “It's all right. I've been back there like a hundred times.” It was a funny answer, delivered to impress. I was.

Van Morrison set list, November 8, 2008

1. Wavelength

2. St. Dominic's Preview

3. Caravan

4. Hear Comes the Night/When the Healing Has Begun

5. Mystic Church

6. Brown Eyed Girl

7. Gloria


Astral Weeks

10. Astral Weeks

11. Beside You

12. Slim Slow Slider

13. Sweet Thing

14. The Way Young Lovers Do

15. Cyprus Avenue

16. Ballerina

17. Madame George


18. Listen to the Lion

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