Update: At Staples Center they ended up performing “Niggas In Paris” seven times on December 11, nine times on December 12, and ten times on December 13.

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On November 29 we published a post containing the results of our “Niggas In Paris” linear regression. During the encores of their current Watch The Throne tour, Jay-Z and Kanye West have been performing their hit song an increasing number of times. Everyone's going nuts.

Through this scientific mathematical investigation — conducted in a secret laboratory located in the sun room of V-Nasty's North Hollywood apartment — we determined that, when they're here at Staples Center Sunday through Tuesday, they'll play the track 13 times. We came up with that number based on the information then available to us:

*October 29, Atlanta: Three times

*November 2, Philadelphia: One time

*November 3, Washington D.C.: Four times

*November 6, East Rutherford: Four times

*November 15, Miami: Five times

*November 21, Boston: Six times

Credit: Sayre Berman

Credit: Sayre Berman

*November 22, Montreal: Five times

*November 23, Toronto: Two times

*November 26, Detroit: Seven times

*November 27, Pittsburgh: Five times

As we noted, considering that the track is nearly four minutes long — and they tend to play the bulk of it — that's close to a half hour of the same song in Detroit.

But our available sample size on that date was limited. It turns out that — despite playing “Niggas In Paris” eight damn times in Chicago — things settled down a bit from there, or at least didn't get any crazier.

*November 29, Kansas City: Five times

*November 30, Chicago: Eight times

*December 5, Houston: Five times

*December 6, Dallas: Four times

Let's go!

That brings you up to speed; they play in Las Vegas tonight and San Jose on Saturday. Assuming they play the song six times in Sin City and seven times in Joe Town (that's what people call San Jose, right?), that means we can expect it here exactly….

…drum roll please….

…Six point five times. That's right. Kanye's verse will be strangely absent from the seventh version, because he will have eloped — with a girl he met in the bathroom stall — to the Beverly Center mall.

Hey, you have to crawl before you ball.

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