OhmiGAH Barbs! Nicki Minaj just won!

The Pink Barbie brought home an early award from the MTV O Music Awards. The inaugural awards, the remainder of which will be handed out in Las Vegas Thursday night, are billed as “online, open, ongoing.” Categories include Fan Army FTW, Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr (Adam Lambert took that one), and Best Music Hashtag Meme. We got lost for a minute inside the nominees list. Don't judge! Don't you want to see who's up for NSFW Music Video? Best Tweet?

In the category for Best Animated GIF, Nicki knocked out both Rihanna & Katy Perry's “Catfight” and Lady Gaga licking her finger. Worthy opponents. But this is what a winner looks like:

Is there a GIF of her putting her private doll parts on someone's sideburns? 'Cause we'd really like to know how that works.

LA Weekly