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The on-going Covid pandemic has negatively affected a ton of us – mentally, physically, and emotionally. As the creative medical care doctors and scientists discover a remedy for this illness, we are limited to the four walls of our homes, actually changing and adapting to the better approach forever. Working from home may be energizing for a specific division of individuals however many individuals battle with self-control and inspiration.

Here are top tips from e-Commerce Tycoon Nick Mocuta – who has been working from home for quite a while now – on how to get your work done and turn your lazy days into productive ones:

  • Wake up early

When we have no boss to hold us accountable for showing up late, there’s essentially no reason to wake up early. However, waking up from deep slumber at noon means the entire day is going to be lazy and less productive than it could have been had we woken up earlier. Nick advises the budding entrepreneurs to start their day early around 7 am and get surprised by how much they are able to get done by taking just one single step!

  • Put on actual clothes

If we have no co-workers in an office setting, why should we not attire ourselves in the most comfortable pajamas? Nick believes changing from his sleepwear to actual clothes has psychological effects on his mind. 

When we are wearing our sleepwear, our mind automatically assumes we are supposed “to relax” hence we struggle to accomplish basic tasks. Changing clothes prompts you to focus better.

  • Work out

Essentially all studies have proved that working out is full of long-lasting benefits, it not only keeps you in shape physically but has immense psychological and mental benefits as well. Your mind gets cleared, is rejuvenated, and feels fresh; and your brain gets a boost, is able to focus better and you feel motivated to accomplish more.

  • Reward yourself

When you are working from home, there are hundreds of distractions: your dinging phone, your cat purring to get a cuddle, the appealing aroma from a neighbor’s kitchen, to name a few. However, to maintain your focus, try rewarding yourself with short breaks of pleasurable activities like watching a show or playing a video game. It will give you an incentive to get your work done.

As we strive to stay sane and get our work done, follow these suggestions from Nick Mocuta and start your day with a hot cup of coffee and a positive attitude!

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