Who needs a food truck when you have a golf cart? Golf carts are easier to park, ecofriendly (if they're electric) and inherently cool. Just remember Bill Murray's drunken golf cart joy ride in Stockholm. So when Christian Toxboe and Laura Nielson of N'iceCream, the Abbot Kinney gelato company, decided to expand their business, they did not get a Roadstoves truck like everybody else these days. They leased a 250 square foot space on the nearby Venice boardwalk. And they got a golf cart.

The two Danes, who opened N'IceCream in the summer of 2008, make their gelatos and sorbets in micro batches, using organic milk and locally-produced fruit, in the large production kitchen in their Abbot Kinney shop. Then they load up the golf cart and drive down to Ocean Front Walk. The shop is open during the week from March through October, then on weekends during the winter.

“We wanted something that was different. It's easy to drive for our employees, it's electric–so it's green–and it's a lot more fun than having a car,” says Toxboe. Toxboe and Nielson also recently launched a new website, ilovenicecream.com, where they post the day's flavors and note the time each batch is produced: grapefruit basil sorbet at 7:48 this morning; salted caramel at 9:09. And, if they get tired of making and eating gelato, there's always the golf course.

N'IceCream: 1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice; 619 Ocean Front Walk, Venice. (310) 396-7161.

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