The toughest, most bruising running back in the NFL has been fined $10,000 for wearing Skittles shoes. Nicknamed “Beast Mode,” Marshawn Lynch is most widely known for running through eight defenders in a 67 yard touchdown run to beat the Saints in the playoffs last year. The Seattle Seahawks player also has an obsession with Skittles candy, dating back to high school when his mom gave him a bag of Skittles before each game. Only now, his love of the rainbow-colored candy has gotten him in trouble with the league.

The Skittles cleats, a variation of the Nike Vapor Talon Elite and a specially customized gift for Lynch, violated the league's uniform policy. The fine was increased due to a prior violation for wearing green socks in an game against St. Louis, for which he paid $5,000.

The shoes that cost Marshawn Lynch $10,000 for one time use.; Credit: Seattle Times

The shoes that cost Marshawn Lynch $10,000 for one time use.; Credit: Seattle Times

Lynch remains unapologetic for his candy devotion. The fervor peaked early last month when he was shown on television eating the candy on the sidelines. In this clip, Lynch holds out his hand while an older man with greying temples pours the candy from the iconic red bag, before Lynch swallows them in one go. A few weeks after, fans sitting near the endzone showered Lynch with Skittles after he scored touchdown.

Despite the heavy fine, don't feel too bad for Lynch. After acting as an unofficial spokesmen for Skittles, the candy's parent company Mars has made Lynch a semi-official one. They've provided him with a 24-month free supply of the candy and a customized dispenser for his locker.

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