Seriously, things are better than they used to be, people! If you don't believe that, take a good, long look at Eugenics Simply Explained for All, the 1937 magazine featured in this week's Studies in Crap on our Style Council blog.

There you'll be confounded by doctor-written articles that claim:

“According to the Human Betterment Foundation [of Pasadena], during the last quarter of a century California state institutions have sterilized more than 11,000 insane and feebleminded patients . . . Eugenic sterilization in this form represents one of the greatest advances in modern civilization.”

There's also case studies of 1937's “sex deviants”!

“An interesting study in sexual abnormality was the fellow who always carried about a burlap bag with him Into this bag he put feminine footwear where he was able to find such discarded articles in hallway rubbish barrels. He then made his way to safe isolation where manipulation of the feminine footwear produced in him complete satisfaction.”

You'll find all of this — plus eugenicists' thoughts on gay sailors and the reasons men should try to please their wives in bed — over in this week's Studies in Crap!

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