Continuing our series on why New York sucks compared to L.A.: In a truly genius plan, New York City let loose a hoard of opossums to kill the rat population in Brooklyn.

To begin with, why are opossums any better than rats? They're furry and beady-eyed and have tails.

But never mind that — the plan failed. Mwwwaaahahaha!

The New York Post reports, Not only do wily rats continue to thrive, but the opossums have become their own epidemic, with bands of the conniving creatures sauntering through yards, plundering garbage cans and noshing on fruit trees.

Great job New York City!

See our first installment of New York Shitty, which was about bedbugs shutting down Niketown in Manhattan.

New York City, a great place to live if you like bedbugs, opossums and rats.

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