Undercover Los Angeles Police officers will be hanging out at hot Los Angeles bars tonight, pretending to be customers to bust bartenders serving alcohol to people who shouldn't be driving, and partiers staggering toward parking lots, on New Years Eve.

The Los Angeles Daily News has the story, quoting San Fernando Valley Traffic Division detective Bill Bustos: “If impaired drivers don't think of safety, we will think of safety for them.” LAPD arrested 6,448 drunks driving in 2010. Any effect on fatal crashes?

Well, there were still 2,163 traffic accidents caused by drunks and other substance-impaired fools in Los Angeles in 2010, but fatalities are trending much lower.

What's your favorite bar?

The cops could be at Cahuenga Boulevard's Piano Bar, Big Wangs or Beauty Bar; downtown's Edison or Seven Grand or The Standard Hotel's Rooftop; North Hollywood's Henry's Hat or No Bar; or Toluca Lake's Timmy Nolan's Tavern.

Here's how to avoid all that: Don't drink, then drive. Don't kill people, jerks.

There's also Tipsy Tow, a AAA service to tow your car if you have too many apple martinis (like more than 2) and have the sense to realize you cannot get behind the wheel. Call 1 (800) 400-4AAA.

But police say people who are already feeling happy forget that they can't drive.

So take a Designated Driver tonight and this weekend. They act as the group's memory and safety backup.

LA Weekly