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(Above: DJ Hyphy Crunk with Steve Aoki tearing shit up.)

Yeah, it's time to start planning New Year's Eve. With the Hard crew opting out of the festivities this year, that's one less choice if you feel like celebrating Hope and 2009 after a crappy '08. So start strategizing now. One option: if you feel like dancing with an assload of crazy happy freaks no doubt on any number of controlled and uncontrolled substances, the newly renovated Palladium might offer the perfect solution. It's close to the trains, so you don't have to worry about parking and fiery drunken collisions. It's at the Palladium, so it'll be a freak show. And the line-up will no doubt draw a lot of ravers, which is always good for some chuckles.

Now, I've not hidden my opinion on LA-based Isreali live trance team Infected Mushroom (I believe I called them “the reigning worst band in the world” after last year's Vegoose festival), but that don't mean they can't headline a good party. I'm more interested, though, in checking out Flosstradamus, from Chicago, who will offer, in their words, “2 DJs, 4 turntables, and lots of people getting buck on the dancefloor.” (Listen to their remix of Lil Jon's “Act a Fool,” which would no doubt make your head explode if you were tripping). And LA's Hyphy Crunk, possessor of the silliest rave name this side of Infected Mushroom, will no doubt draw the hardcore Hollywood swingers. Combined … well … it might be a huge deal.

We'll continue to offer NYE ideas in the weeks to come. Somewhere out there is the solution, even if it's smack dab on your couch.

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