Alfred “Daedelus” Darlington is the man, but he's also the man behind the man. The mad-hatter of L.A.'s digital dance scene, Daedelus has pushed the limits of electonics-based music, forging new ground for cross-pollinations between incongruous sounds. On Daedelus' new imprint, Magical Properties , he begins his musical menagerie with Jogger, the highly murmured-about electro-acoustic duo, casting their folksy vocals and highly evolved 8-bit (can we call it 9-Bit?) sound to the populace.

Concocted by Amir Yaghmai on violin and guitar and Jonathan Larroquette (remember Night Court? Yeah, he's the progeny) behind the laptop, Jogger's album This Great Pressure (out October 27th) may prove to be a not-sucky Postal Service, or maybe a mind-assailing beat assault of IDM gizmodery. It's too soon to tell. But with Daedelus behind it all, at least they're in good company.

Listen here:

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