Beginning on Saturday, October 2, you'll notice some changes among the prepared food vendors at the Santa Monica Farmers' markets. A lot of changes. Earlier this year, the city offered an open recruitment period for interested prepared food vendors. Existing prepared food vendors were also required to re-apply, and several will not be returning (Note: The changes are for prepared food only and do not affect produce or meat/dairy suppliers.). Several popular vendors did not make the cut as the city's new regulations focus more on both Santa Monica-based and sustainable food businesses (as well as a host of other factors).

Market Supervisor Laura Avery provided us with details on the selection process, as well as the list of prepared food vendors who will be greeting you beginning in October (and those who won't). Turn the page for details.

According to Avery, the city received more than sixty vendor applications for twenty five available prepared food spots at the four Santa Monica markets. Those who were selected received the highest scores by a seven member committee that included three city staff members and four community members. The criteria included the business location (local businesses earned more points than those in L.A. County or outside L.A.), sustainability factors (Does the business compost, recycle, use biodegradable food packaging?), ingredient sourcing (Are they from California?), experience (How long has the business been in the food service industry?), and value (Does the product add variety to the selection at the market? Is the product unique or original? Is it high quality?).

Wednesday Downtown Santa Monica Market

No changes — Bezian's Bakery and Röckenwagner will both stay.

Saturday Downtown Market

The BreadMan will be replaced by a new “Valerie at the Market” line from Valerie Confections. (According to Avery, The BreadMan can be found at the following markets: Tuesdays, Culver City and Torrance; Saturdays, Pasadena; Sundays, Hollywood).

Saturday Pico Market

Mis Padres Tacos, Bertha's Tamales, Café Laurent and Candy's Gourmet Meats will remain.

New vendors include Le Pain du Jour, CJ's Paella, and Café Laurent will now serve coffee.

Old Town Baking, Lox of Bagels and Expresso Experience will not be returning. (Expresso Experience can be found at the Friday Venice and Sunday Hollywood markets; Old Town Baking at dozens of markets.).

Main Street Sunday Market

Those that will remain at the market include Acadie Crepes, Carbon Grill, Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, Señor Corn, Groundworks Coffee, Guanni Chocolate (will alternate weeks), Urban Green Cuisine and Victorian Omelettes, Victorian Pancakes.

New vendors are Bean & Thyme, Beverly Hills Juice (will alternate weeks with Planet Raw), Ca D'Oro Bakery, Finn McCool's Irish Pub, Sno:LA (frozen yogurt; will alternate with Guanni Chocolate), Kafe K, Lula Cocina Mexicana, and Manchego. La Grande Orange, Salute, and 212 Pier will be featured in the Main Street Restaurant rotating booth.

Röckenwagner, Café Laurent, Corn Maiden Tamales, Matic Sausage, Bowers Gourmet Sausage, and The Breadman are not returning. Bower's Gourmet Sausage can be found at the following markets: Tuesday, Culver City; Thursday, LA City Hall; Sunday, Mar Vista & Hollywood. Corn Maiden can be found at a dozen markets, Röckenwagner is at the Wednesday downtown Santa Monica market, Café Laurent is at the Saturday Pico market. For The BreadMan, see Saturday Downtown Market above.

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