New restaurant Golgugi Burger opened its doors yesterday, revealing to the world that it has discovered a sixth gustatory taste, called Golgugi.

“It is the sensation when the tongue feels fizzy with a hearty twinge,” Golgugi Burger owner Trevor Mikel told L.A. Weekly. “It's caused when the G-protein ion receptors of the tongue react to hydrogen chemicals in the papillae. Anyway, we decided to make a burger shop.”

The new concept restaurant celebrated this groundbreaking scientific discovery with a grand opening party featuring DJ Couth at its first location in Echo Park. Mikel presided over a crowd of nearly 50 people sipping Hite and carbonated Fernet, explaining, “Many foods contain Golgugi. Some meats and others plants. We decided to create a menu to highlight this gustative breakthrough, and what better way to do that than on a burger? I mean, who doesn't love a friggin' burger? And science.”

Local residents and foodies sampled the menu, including the signature “Golgugi Burger” with smoked pork, biodynamic fennel and Gochujang, and the “Lady Burger,” a 1/3-pound Kobe beef patty topped with sweetbreads and truffled kimchi. All burgers come with Golgugi sauce and hand-cut waffle fries in paper cones.

Rachel Diefenthal, expert food blogger and a junior art director at the CW television network, told reporters, “Yeah, it's good,” as she quickly flashed a photo of a Lady Burger that she Instagrammed using the Brannan filter. “I could definitely taste the gulgogi. I think. I gotta come back with my friends before this place is packed.”

When asked about the future of Golgugi, Mikel noted, “This is just the beginning. We're hoping to expand to locations in Venice and Westwood. And hopefully a truck that will drive to other places that we will Tweet about.”

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