The Ashtape website (via Pitchfork) has uploaded Soundcloud versions of a short set of new No Age songs premiered in, of all places, Portugal:

As we've told you before, No Age's recent stay in Portugal didn't go that well. First, they were beaten up in Lisbon and the day after they had a tepid night in Porto. Anyway, the LA duo — actually they're touring as a trio with a guy simply called William Kai Strangeland Menchaca doing some noise projections — played three new songs, including, according to them, a really brand new one

William Menchaca, of course, is the Tearist synth guy who must be taking a hiatus from the much-expected first Tearist album (for Manimal? Maybe? We hear conflicting stories…)

BONUS: Vintage No Age (ok, 2009):

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